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Education is one of the most important issues of our time. Our reporters and editors push education reporting to new levels of quality, clarity, depth and breadth, to explain why education policy matters and how it’s affecting young people.

Our Awards

We cover the issues we cover because we believe in them, but our reporting is often recognized by our peers. We appreciate it.

Our Namesake

Fred M. Hechinger was education editor of The New York Times, an author of several books and an advocate for public education. The Hechinger Report continues his efforts to produce and promote high-quality education coverage.

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Our media partners allow us to reach the widest possible audience. We’ve produced stories in collaboration with many news organizations both large and small.

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The Hechinger Report is supported in its work by a variety of foundations and individuals. Because we are funded by multiple philanthropies, we have the freedom to follow stories wherever they lead.